Why T2?

T2 Limited: experts in EMBEDDED SW SYSTEMS, TELECOM, C or ASSEMBLER CODING, TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION, or TRANSLATION from English to Swedish. Promoting the Digital Nomad Lifestyle of Freedom & Adventure – live & work wherever convenient – T2 Limited stands for Quality of Life & Quality of work.

What We Offer:

With solid experience from all aspects of real-time embedded SW System development; 30+ years of experience from consulting and running SME:s; many pages of technical documentation and web contents written; and with translation experience from all kinds of texts from English to Swedish; T2 can confidently offer:

  • System work in real-time embedded SW systems: Specification, Technical Coordination, Requirements, Modelling, Use Cases, Impact Analysis, Trouble Shooting, Optimization, Task Force etc.
  • Technical or User documentation in English or Swedish: System Specifications, Product descriptions, User Manuals, Installation Guidelines, Trouble-shooting guidelines, Maintenance Manuals, etc.
  • C CODING: Practice makes perfect – C code that is well structured, robust, readable, efficient, testable, and easy to maintain
  • ASSEMBLER CODING: Assembler code that is well structured, efficient, readable, testable, robust and easy to maintain
  • Quality Translation from English to Swedish: Technical, Business, Marketing, Press Releases, Op-eds, Articles, Websites, Company Presentations, Corporate Information, etc.

Benefits of Digital Nomad remote work

To operate any serious Digital Nomad business requires a set of special management skills beside the obvious vocational skills: an open mind towards different cultures and environments, flexibility and adaptivity to change, talent to improvise, ability to plan for the unexpected, a talent to organize lean but efficient administration, knowledge how to setup and follow simple but fool-proof processes and procedures, being strictly organized, a talent to see the overall picture…, only to mention a few. All of which are skills to appreciate in a consultant! Furthermore, a Digital Nomad business does not need a fancy expensive office in a downtown location, no business lunches, no expensive marketing campaigns. And there is no need for assistants and clerks. A Digital Nomad business is typically run in a very lean and minimalistic way, and in low-cost countries. Therefore, remote work can typically be offered at a favorable price.

To consider

Remote work is not suitable for all types of jobs, and not for all clients either. It is important to define fundamental things such as scope of work, milestones, deliverables, and hand-over; already at an early stage. Also to agree on means, frequency, contact persons and responsiveness of communication. These things are revealing early indicators when discussing a remote project with a client – if it is difficult to agree about this then remote work may not be the ideal solution. With many years of experience from Digital Nomad work T2 can quickly assess if a particular task (or client) is suitable for remote work.

Quality & Reliability paired with Freedom & Adventure

The freedom to chose work location and working hours actually makes for better work results. Clients can confidently rely on the quality and reliability of T2’s deliveries. We work as hard and earnestly as anyone sitting in a traditional office, and certainly with more enthusiasm and passion than most of our cubicle-confined colleagues.

Welcome to become a client or partner!

Please use the information on the contact page to get in touch!

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