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T2 Limited: experts in EMBEDDED SW SYSTEMS, TELECOM, C or ASSEMBLER CODING, TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION, or TRANSLATION from English to Swedish. Promoting the Digital Nomad Lifestyle of Freedom & Adventure – live & work wherever convenient – T2 Limited stands for Quality of Life & Quality of work.


Experience, Reliability and Quality are cornerstones in business. Add a positive and serviceminded attitude towards clients and colleagues/competitors. Been developing realtime embedded SW Systems since 1980. Consultant and Entrepreneur since 1982. Traveller and cultural bridge-builder with clients all over the world, T2 enthusiastically promotes freelance work in a Digital Nomad fashion = Freedom & Adventure! The brick-and-mortar headquarter is with our Company Secretary ILS Fiduciaries in 香港 Hong Kong, and temporary/short-term/long-term mobile Digital Nomad workplaces are setup wherever convenient for staff and operations.

Core values & Business ethics:

  • T2 stands for Quality of Life & Quality of work
  • T2 only does win-win business
  • T2 honors deadlines, schedules & budgets
  • T2 is long-term in business
  • T2 completes all contracts according to the highest ethical & professional standards
  • T2 carefully researches each task before committing

Dedicated to Serve & Contribute

With a genuine passion for realtime embedded systems and for the Digital Nomad way of work. Furthermore armed with comprehensive experience from consulting and entrepreneurship, T2 has established a strong track record of successful projects for various clients literally all over the world – from Argentina to USA, Canada to New Zealand, Denmark to Singapore…

Constantly looking for new challenges

– learning new tools and skills, adding new clients and business partners! Expanding business geographically as well as venturing into new industries! Adapting to the continuously evolving communication environment of the 21st century! Surfing the waves of change! The possibilities are endless – so many opportunities, so little time!

Get in touch!

If you want to discuss business or win-win cooperation, learn more about the Digital Nomad Lifestyle of Freedom & Adventure – or if you simply want to network and learn more about T2 Limited – Feel free to get in touch!

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